Friday, November 6, 2015

Weekday Lunch: Taqueria Habanero is great

Here's the latest installment of Weekday Lunch, my series about good places to eat lunch in the neighborhood during the week, maybe if you work from home or are just around.

This time I stopped by Taqueria Habanero, the great spot at 3710 14th Street NW, down the street from the Red Derby.They make traditional Mexican food from the city of Puebla, and critics and regular folks alike love it (plus me), but I hadn't been for lunch.

They don't have any special deals that I could see, but I got the red enchiladas, which comes with rice and beans, and an agua fresca (house made fruit juice), and it was all great and filling, running me about $14 plus tax and tip. The tortillas are homemade and great, and all the ingredients are all fresh, flavorful and bright. It was topped with cheese and herbs, and the aqua fresca was an orange and watermelon mix.

There was a decent crowd too, some families, some work from home types, but plenty of room.

I suppose that's a little high for lunch, but it's really tasty! I highly recommend it, especially if you haven't been before. They also have their liquor license now, so you can get margaritas and cerveza.

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