Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Post says the city smells like weed: especially Columbia Heights

The Post has an article about the city smelling like marijuana, and how most residents don't really care. I've definitely smelled it from time to time around our neighborhood, and it does seem like now I smell it more -- but I also wonder if some of that is bias that we're looking for it more now that marijuana is (kind of) legal in the city.

In a Post poll, 57% of people say they smell it at least once a month, 45% of say they don't mind while another 17% say it doesn't bother them too much.

If you recall, the law is that you can have up to 2 ounces of marijuana, you can grow it for personal use (up to 6 plants, no more of which 3 can be mature), and you can give it away (again, just 1 ounce.) You have to be 21 or older, you can't sell it, and you can't use it in public. That last part, however, is not enforced much by the police -- and that's fine with me.

I've definitely experienced more weed smells than before -- a couple of weeks ago, I was walking down Spring Road between 13th and 14th and smelled the strongest, funkiest, sticky-icky-ickiest weed smell I've ever smelled:

The Post quotes a few people who say they're less discreet now, and a lot of their examples take place in our fair neighborhood.

It doesn't really bother me, but then again, I voted for the law and actually volunteered at polling places for Initiative 63, a medical marijuana ballot initiative that passed in 2002 but was blocked by Republicans in Congress.

What do you think?  Ok with it, or not so much?


  1. I was walking up Georgia Ave. (past Howard U. but before you get to Bruce Monroe Park) around 8:30 in the morning on a Wednesday when two people on bicycles rode past me. They stopped a couple of houses up and got off their bikes, and one pulled out his bowl and started smoking then passed it to the girl who was on the other bike. I guess they finished a couple minutes later because they rode past me again.

    I couldn't care less about weed/weed smells. There's a lot worst drugs people could/are doing in the neighborhood. I don't worry about someone trying to rob me late at night when they're high on weed. People on crack/PCP, that's a different story.

    Bottom line: if they want to smoke weed, it's their prerogative, and so long as they aren't blowing it straight in my face, I don't care about the odor.

  2. The smell is annoying, but acceptable in an urban setting, I guess. There are certainly bigger fish to fry in Columbia Heights though. I'm talking about all of the violent crime and drug dealing. Nadeua has been silent though.

  3. "Nadeua has been silent though."

    Yeah, if by "silent" you mean multiple meetings with police and residents.

  4. You mean the meeting that were about 6 months after the fact? The same ones in which she downplayed the violent crime and said her solution was more affordable housing? How disconnected can a person be? Not to mention the fact that things have only gotten worse. Not exactly what I call leadership.

  5. Public weed smoke is not OK... first of all, it's still illegal to smoke in public places; beyond that, just like second hand cigarette smoke, it's not good for you, and clouds of it enveloping the sidewalk deprives everyone walking by of the choice of whether or not to ingest it. Beyond that there seems a pretty strong correlation to where people are *constantly* smoking it, and where the crime, trash, and late night noise are, at least in my part of CH.


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