Thursday, November 12, 2015

New phone app for exploring Rock Creek Park: learn about trails, picnic areas, historical sites & more

Rock Creek Park is a great resource right in our backyard: there are trails for running, biking or hiking, places to work out, picnic areas, fields for games or just hanging out, historical sites like forts and old buildings, and a lot more. 

I wrote about the hiking trails before (as well as an album about the park), but I just heard about a cool new way to explore the park: the Rock Creek Conservancy app.

The Conservancy is a nonprofit that helps maintain the park and holds events like cleanups, and the app lets users find and learn more about tons of features of the park: trails and markers, streams, horse stables, boathouses (I didn't even know there was one!) Civil War forts and more.

Here's more from the Conservancy, plus a survey about the app.
Help us out! Download the app from the App Store and please take this survey and provide your feedback. 
The survey takes less than two minutes and your input will allow for further fine-tuning, making sure the app is functioning perfectly. 
Use the app to stay up-to-date with events in the parks, learn about how to help protect the parks, and even “find yourself” in the Park by using the maps feature. Specifically, the app will help users: 
• Identify and describe numerous facets of the park including trails and markers, miles of tributaries, horse stables, boathouses, fields, recreational sites, and historic Civil War fortifications;
• Sign-up to attend an event with up-to-date event listings and registrations;
• Know their exact whereabouts through geo-location and mapping and never get lost with Google enabled walking and driving directions;
• Share adventures with friends through Facebook and Twitter integration.

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