Friday, November 6, 2015

Monthly cider tasting event at Colony Club next Friday, Nov. 13

If you like cider, or want to learn more about it, Colony Club is hosting monthly tastings, and the next one is Nov. 12. Colony Club is the coffee shop and bar at 3118 Georgia Avenue, and is a really cool spot (in fact, I am blogging from there right now.)

The event is in collaboration with Anxo, a new cider bar and Basque "pintxos" restaurant (that's skewers) coming to 711 Kennedy Street NW, and Millstone Cidery which is based in Maryland. (Unrelated, some articles say 711 Kennedy is in Brightwood Park, but I've never heard of that neighborhood before. I would consider that Petworth -- thoughts?)

The event will have 30 ciders plus a lecture about cider and snacks from Anxo. Sounds pretty cool.

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