Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cool graffiti-covered abandoned building at Kansas and Taylor

The other day I was up at Qualia Coffee on Georgia and wandering around, and I stumbled on this, a pretty cool abandoned building covered in graffiti at 4111 Kansas Avenue NW.

Normally I'm pretty anti-abandoned buildings, as they mean no one is living there, no businesses are there, and nobody is paying taxes, but in this case, if it's going to be abandoned, at least it's interesting looking.

The building is a warehouse owned by one William J. Deoudes, who lives in Maryland (thanks to the city's DC Atlas for letting me find that out.) He seems to be a real estate investor based on some basic googling. The building isn't categorized as abandoned or blighted, oddly, since it seems to be one or the other -- vacant means it's empty while blighted means it's empty and in bad shape. The idea is that owners of vacant or blighted buildings have to pay higher taxes on them so that they'll fix them up.
I hope it gets fixed up into something productive.

The art seems to be from various artists and there is both graffiti and paste-ups. I'm not sure who exactly they are, but pretty cool.


  1. it's not art and it's not cool. it's property destruction. just because it is a blighted property doesn't make it someone else's private canvas.

  2. lighten up, anon. I'd rather see the graffiti than just a dumpy old building.

  3. I agree with the first commenter. This is one of the most blighted properties in our neighborhood. It's an eyesore and a waste of prime real estate. Hopefully this can be developed into something useful for the community. I thought it was already classified as vacant and blighted.

  4. I agree with the third person, I also hope it can be fixed up. It's not listed on the city's vacant or blighted property list. I emailed them about it.


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