Wednesday, November 4, 2015

&pizza coming to 826DC space in Columbia Heights Plaza at 14th and Park

Whoa! My buddy was walking around the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza, the triangular plaza where 14th, Park and Kenyon intersect, and saw a few people wearing &pizza shirts looking at documents and such. He started chatting with them and they said they were looking at the space and working on getting permits for the former 826DC space.

This confirms what Park View DC reported a couple of weeks ago (which I missed) but it's pretty good news to me! They'll have 40-60 seats and will apply for a liquor license too, presumably for beer and wine. 826DC is moving to the Tivoli building across the street.

I like &pizza and fast casual stuff in general, and the Chipotle line is absurdly long at all hours of the day. If you haven't been, it's a setup like Chipotle or Potbelly -- you choose your type of bread, veggies, proteins and so on, it rolls through and oven, and then you can add a few more items. They also do salads and sides, and some locations have alcohol.

I'm glad it's not a bank, cell phone store or some other boring tenant.

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