Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekday Lunch: Los Hermanos on Park Road is tasty

Last week I wrote about starting a new series called Weekday Lunch, where I check out local places where you can get lunch during the week -- maybe if you work from home, or are just around during the day.

I wrote a little recap of a few options (The Coupe, Coffy Cafe, Shanghai Tokyo, DC Reynolds) and am now starting the series in earnest. I went to Small Fry last week, which was pretty tasty.

The next installment of the series is Los Hermanos, a Dominican restaurant at 1426 Park Road NW.

It's a sit-down restaurant but with a buffet where you pick what you want, then they serve it for you, cafeteria style. The friendly guy at the buffet went through the options: things like fish with coconut sauce, rotisserie chicken, pork, mofongo (a dish with plantains, veggies, and meat mashed together), oxtail, goat, stewed beef, bacalao (salted cod) and lots of other options, plus local soups that Yelpers like. Their menu has the full breakdown and helpfully explains what they were.

I went with the chicken, and the guy gave me a big helping of leg (or I could have chosen breast) plus one or two sides. There are a bunch, I opted for plantains and rice with beans -- they have a few different rice and beans or peas options and other sides.

Lunch with a drink (I got Inka cola, a Latin American kind of cream soda) ran me about $13, so not too expensive for a ton of food. And it was delicious -- the chicken was moist and tasty and the plantains and rice hit the spot. I would have liked a more for plantains, but it was tasty.

The vibe inside was kind of a trip too -- there were some older men playing dice, an old guy yelling at the TV occasionally, and some good Latin music on the speakers. I'll definitely check it out again.

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