Friday, October 2, 2015

The rye whiskey and Angostura bitters soft serve at the Airedale is my new favorite food

I've been to the Airedale, the awesome new European gastropub at 14th and Spring a few times, but had not yet tried their whiskey soft serve. I was there the other day and gave it a shot, and it was amazing. It's my new favorite food in the neighborhood, maybe in the whole city. You should go get it right now.

The Airedale folks mix Old Overholt rye in the vanilla soft serve mix so a serving is the equivalent of an ounce of booze, and they just recently started making an Angostura bitters flavor as well -- and since it's a soft serve machine, you can do a swirl of them both.

The final result is a creamy, delicious treat. It doesn't really taste like whiskey, just kind of a tangy, sweet and slightly herby result. It's like nothing else I've eaten and I immediately considered getting a second one. (I was too busy scarfing it down to take a good picture.)

The rest of the food is really good too -- on a recent visit my buddy got the fish and chips, which were perfectly fried: light, airy and crispy, with a lot of good fish and fries. I tried the currywurst, which is two sausages covered in a German curry sauce with fries. It was tasty and I had plenty to take home to eat for lunch the next day. They have a lot of other good hearty European food too, like a Monte Cristo sandwich, schnitzel, brats, and some vegetarian options too.

The Airedale also recently opened their patio, which is nice.

If you haven't been to their Airedale, go check it out, and get the soft serve swirl.

The Airedale is at 3605 14th Street NW. Here's their website.


  1. Sounds interesting, but does it get you twisted??? If not twisted, could you at least get a buzz off of it?

  2. Haha, it's just less than the amount of booze as a shot. So it could!


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