Monday, October 12, 2015

Sweet Mango Cafe to be redeveloped into 21 residential units, ground floor retail

A few months ago we heard that Sweet Mango Cafe, the Jamaican restaurant at 3701 New Hampshire Ave NW (at the corner of Georgia) had closed and was sold at foreclosure, to be replaced by a residential building. The restaurant has been temporarily been replaced by Jerk Station, and now they have filed official plans for the redevelopment.

The DC Register, the official list of DC government action, reports that the building will have 21 residential units, ground floor retail, and can be up to 70 feet tall.

Rooney Properties is working on the building, and there will be a hearing about it on November 17th.

Let's hope there something good goes into the retail space underneath. That also means the neat Chuck Brown mural on the building might be removed, though Rooney told the Post they want to keep it.

Image from Google Streetview.


  1. This news came out weeks ago. Does this posting have some new tidbit of info that I'm missing?

  2. That the plans were officially filed and the hearing will be Nov. 17.


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