Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Columbia Heights is partnering with DC SCORES youth program -- you can help too!

This afternoon I am happy to announce my participation in a collaboration that will bring new, engaging, and exciting content to the site: Bloggers United for DC SCORES.

I am teaming up with Tiffani Nicole Johnson of the Brightwoodian and Drew Schneider of Petworth News to bring to you stories of the kids, families and difference-makers in the Columbia Heights community. This will be done through me writing original content as well as receiving content from DC SCORES, which runs after-school programs at 50 sites throughout Washington, DC, including schools and recreation centers in our area: Tubman Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School, Chavez Prep Charter School, Raymond Education Campus, and Parkview Recreation Center.

DC SCORES tackles the many very real impacts of a life of poverty on a child -- a lack of extracurricular enrichment, a lack of adult mentors, and a lack of fitness opportunities -- in an innovative program that combines soccer, poetry and creative expression, and service-learning during the after-school hours every day.

If you walk around the neighborhood during the evening, there is a good chance you’ll see a child or parent wearing a “DC SCORES” shirt. The program has changed the lives of more than 9,000 DC children since 1994. The coaching is done primarily by teachers at the schools, creating a bond and trust between kids and adults that translates to the school day. I will bring their stories to you, too.

My hope with this series is to bring our community even closer together, and make it feel welcoming to all. DC SCORES has a proven history of building not just cohesive teams of children, but communities as well. By highlighting these stories through words, photos and video, I’m confident you’ll become closer with your neighbors, feel more connected to the schools, and simply feel good about where we live. And maybe you'll want to help out this great organization too!

There are many ways to get involved with DC SCORES. Sign up to volunteer at a neighborhood school; donate to the program (always helpful!); host a small fundraiser for the the organization; and more! Learn how at

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