Thursday, October 22, 2015

Checking out Small Fry, the new barbecue place from Sundevich folks on Georgia: pretty tasty

The other day I decided to head by Small Fry, the new barbecue spot at 3212 Georgia Avenue from the people behind the Sundevich sandwich shop and A&D bar, and it did not disappoint. They're going to be the companion restaurant to Union Drinkery, which is opening upstairs sometime in the future. I first wrote about Small Fry a couple of weeks ago.

Small Fry is Monday-Saturday from noon to 9 pm and I got lunch there. (This post also serves as the first in my new Weekday Lunch series, where I check out places to eat in our area for lunch during the week.)

They advertise themselves as a smokehouse and fry shop, and there's a big menu -- starters like Scotch eggs, poutine, and fried haloumi cheese, plus sandwiches, platters and sides: slaw, smoked gouda mac and cheese, pickled or smoked veggies and more. The sandwiches come with one side, the platters with two. I'm looking forward to trying to smoked bluefish or smoked chicken platters next, plus definitely the scotch eggs and haloumi. I feel like this would be a good place to go with some friends and split lots of things.

I'm a big fan of bbq sausage so I went with the sandwich and the mac and cheese, and both were really good. The sausage had good snap and a nice smoky flavor and was topped with slaw; the mac and cheese was killer -- very smoky and creamy. The bun was the weak spot, just kind of a blah piece of bread, but it was still quite good -- and you can't go wrong with $9 for a sandwich and side.

It's a nice space inside too, big wood tables and two rooms, so plenty of room if it gets busy during lunch or dinner. The guy working was friendly as well. Definitely worth a visit, check them out!

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