Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Homestead, new bar coming next to Qualia Coffee from the Blaguard folks, making good progress

The other day I was at Qualia Coffee at 3917 Georgia Ave NW and noticed some serious construction next door at 3915 -- workers were pouring concrete and there was a new balcony that wasn't there before.

I asked the Qualia folks and they said it was a new bar coming from the folks behind the Blaguard, the pretty relaxed bar in Adams Morgan. I spoke to the men working on the building and they confirmed it was a restaurant and bar.

We first heard about this years ago and there wasn't much news lately aside from a brief update from PoP a few months ago.

The Homestead folks also have a Twitter account with updates and have named a chef, Marty Anklam, who according to his bio has cooked around the country and went to the Culinary Institute of America. So far he's tweeted about making catfish nuggets for Homestead. That sounds good to me.

They've also tweeted about their balcony, which looks pretty good. There seems to be a good deal of outdoor space.
I'll be talking to the Homestead folks shortly, so stay tuned for more updates this week! I'm looking forward to it, can always use another restaurant and bar.

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  1. These row houses along Georgia Ave near the metro make awesome retail space when built out. Eats Place is another great example of a cool space. Great Street Grants also available for this area which reimburses up to $50,000 for renovations. Hope more restaurants and retail follow the Homestead!


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