Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Google Express same-day delivery is now in DC, have you used it?

I've been hearing about Google Express for some time, their same-day delivery service, kind of like Amazon's similar service (or kozmo.com and DCSnacks back in the day.) And then the other day I received a mailer with $25 off my first order, the first I've seen them around.

They'll deliver items, things like groceries, clothes, baby items, pharmacy stuff and more from lots of big retailers like Giant, Costco, Staples, Walgreens and others, plus even our local Logan Hardware. Apparently they don't deliver booze or beer though, better check our other options for that.

It's kind of an interesting idea, and sounds pretty handy. Anybody tried them?

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  1. I use this about two times per week. It's phenomenal. saves me many trips to the store. The service is very reliable, fast, and responsive. It's great.


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