Thursday, September 17, 2015

Columbia Heights Day was last Saturday, and it was a blast (with photos)

This past Saturday we celebrated the 10th annual Columbia Heights Day: our neighborhood's festival of music, food, events, arts and more. This year's had some gloomy weather (as usual, it seems like) but was well attended with lots going on.

I stopped by in the late afternoon and it was still hopping. The beer garden on 11th Street was mobbed, so instead we walked around, ate some food (the Airedale, the Coupe, KBC and others had food stands) and bought some lemonade from some cute kids. There were also some artists, I bought a Columbia Heights print before seeing there was another booth with more prints, so I need up coming home with multiple art pieces about the neighborhood.

The warrior race and kids play area on Tubman Elementary School's field looked pretty epic, but by the time we had made a few rounds, ran into friends and gorged ourselves, it was time for a beer at Wonderland. All the local bars and restaurants seemed pretty busy, which is good to see -- the recently opened Bad Saint had a line out the door (more on that to come) while Wonderland, KBC, Meridian Pint, El Chucho and Red Rocks all had good crowds. I especially enjoyed the giant inflatable PBR can on top of KBC -- I wished the kept it. (Guys, if you need somewhere to store it, it would look great on the roof of my house.)

My only complaints were that there was not a ton of communication about the event: crowds were still healthy, but I had to a do a fair amount of sleuthing and emailing to round up information like schedules, lists of vendors and such. And sadly, there was no petting zoo. But to me, those are fairly minor for a fun event.

What did you think? (More photos below)

the Meridian Pint beer garden

Music stage about 5 pm

awesome prints

heck of a sunset

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