Friday, September 25, 2015

Cider tasting and Basque grilling pop-up tonight at Colony Club

Colony Club, the cool bar and coffee shop at 3118 Georgia Ave NW, is hosting a pop-up cider event tonight called "Drinking with Basquach," which focuses on international cider and Basque food. I spoke to Max, the owner of Colony Club, and he said they had organized a big collection of ciders from around the world for the event.

The event is organized by folks from Anxos, which is a cider bar and Basque food concept -- their logo says "cider and pintxos," which are meat skewers popular in Basque cuisine (and also Latin America, where they're called pinchos.) They're looking to open and brick-and-mortar space and will be having pop-ups in the meantime.

Sounds like a pretty neat idea.

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