Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Checking out Shanghai Tokyo, the new quick Asian spot on Park Road

The other day I stopped by Shanghai Tokyo, the new pan-Asian spot at 1376 Park Rd NW for lunch, and generally enjoyed it.

It's certainly not a fine restaurant, but if you want some quick Asian food, this is a good option. They have two separate places to order, one for Japanese fare like sushi, soba, tempura, bento boxes and more, and one with lots of Chinese and some Thai dishes. They also have bubble tea.

The menu is huge, but in this case I tried the sushi roll lunch special, it's $8.95 for two rolls or $11.95 for three, plus a little salad. I got two rolls and a bubble tea, which bumped it up to around $15 -- not cheap, but a lot less than individual rolls, which run from about $6 to $8 for regular rolls and more for the special rolls. I can't find their menu online, but a very similar one from a Maryland location is here. (The Park Road one doesn't have alcohol, I believe.)

The sushi was pretty good, though the rolls fell apart a bit. I tried the Boston (cooked shrimp, mayo, cucumber and avocado) and Alaska (salmon, avocado, cucumber). I liked them, though the avocado was a bit mealy.

The bubble tea was bubblicious, and the place was fairly crowded with other lunchtime folks, which was good to see. They were playing some cheesy country pop music, but otherwise it was fine inside.

Not amazing, but a pretty solid lunch option. I plan to check them out more.

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