Thursday, August 27, 2015

Break-ins at BloomBars, Meridian Pint, Colony Club, others

 There's been a bit of a crime wave on 11th Street lately, as crooks have struck BloomBars, the nonprofit arts space, Colony Club and Meridian Pint in the last week or so.

In the case of BloomBars, the jackass broke their window with a rock and took their donations box. Amusingly, BloomBars published their surveillance video on Youtube with some funny captions and made an arts installation out of the rock he threw. BloomBars, being a nonprofit, also has a link for donations to deal with the losses.

I also heard from a reader who said Meridian Pint was burglarized in a similar way a few nights ago, but the crooks didn't get away with much.

Borderstan reports that Colony Club was hit too, and other places on the 3200 block of Georgia, and police think it's the same person committing all the robberies.

The same reader who told me about Meridian Pint says they were accosted a few times on the street and threatened to be robbed, once on 14th Street in broad daylight with people around, when a man got in their face and said "give me some money, bitch!" But since there were people around, so they just walked away.

It's unclear if the person who accosted the reader is the same person as the burglar, but considering how stupid all of these sounds, I wouldn't be surprised.

And I can't find the link now, but I seem to remember something similar a few years ago at other 11th Street businesses -- maybe Room 11?

It's also a good reminder that even if you don't think the police can catch somebody who does something to you, to call the police. They'll keep a record of it, which can help them see patterns or move officers around to address crime sprees.

The Colony Club folks put their security camera footage online too.

If you know anything about these robberies, or see or hear anything suspicious, especially people milling around businesses late at night, make sure to call the police.


  1. I suppose if one adopts Councilmember Nadeau's logic as expressed in her recent statements, the reason these businesses were robbed was because they insufficiently partnered "with MPD, taking back their blocks and being part of the solution".

    Perhaps what the Councilmember meant to convey was that residents ought to police their own blocks rather than believe that the district government will help. It's time to embrace effective policing and reject Councilmembers placing the blame for crime on the shoulders of residents and merchants.

  2. Nadeau has been such a disappointment. She clearly does not understand what her constituents are going thru... Does she not care that her neighbors are being assaulted? That our houses were being broken in to? She almost seems to have more sympathy for those breaking the law than us.

  3. This is really scary. There are lots of criminals out there. We all should be aware of them.

  4. I'm sure CM Nadaeu's concerted effort to concentrate loads more public housing in the area (i.e. Old Hebrew Home on Spring Rd) will help the crime situation in the immediate area. Keep up the good work!

  5. I assume all this anti Nadeau stuff is the same person.

  6. No, I just left one post. Other people contributed the rest.


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