Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shooting Tuesday outside the Columbia Heights Community Center's playground on Girard

This is pretty scary: on Tuesday morning, there was a shooting outside the Columbia Heights Community Center during a kids' summer camp, and apparently one of the people involved ran through the park. A scary (and very messed up) thing.

Here's the Department of Parks and Recreation's email to parents who had kids in summer programs at the center:
Good afternoon DPR families, 

I am writing to inform you of an unfortunate incident that occurred outside of Columbia Heights Community Center this morning. 

First, all campers are accounted for and safe.  However, it appears that there were gun shots fired on the street behind the playground and one of the persons involved ran through the playground area. Many of our camp participants were outside during this incident. MPD was notified immediately and the building and playground have been secured while MPD completes a sweep of the area. 

DPR takes the safety of our participants very seriously and, while we do not have any other details at this time, we wanted to inform you of this incident as soon as possible. We will continue to offer camp for the remainder of the day, but feel free to pick up your child early if you choose. 

If you have any questions, I can be reached at 202-391-1623

Best Regards, 
Vanessa Gerideau
Seasonal Programs Manager
Department of Parks and Recreation 
Phone: 202-671-0397
This area tends to have a lot of violence. I hope the police can do something about it, it is truly unacceptable. What kind of asshole does this near a kids' playground?

UPDATE: Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau will have a community meeting tonight at 9 pm at the Community Center (1480 Girard Street NW) to discuss the incident. (h/t Borderstan)

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