Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ridesharing service Split expands to parts of Columbia Heights

There's another transportation option in our area: Split, a service where you can hitch a ride with others for low rates, has expanded north to about Oak Street NW and Newton Place NW.

The idea is you mark where you are and where you're going, they direct you to a set stop point, and you may get in with someone going the same way or the driver may pick up others along the way (kind of like Uber Pool, which doesn't yet exist in DC.) They say there won't be detours more than about block, and each rider gets to see the route and the cost before saying yes.

Their area of service also includes H Street NE, the ballpark, Georgetown and downtown to the Mall. The full, interactive map is on their website.

Here's their press release:

Gotta Split… to Hill East, H St NE, Yards Park, Nats Park
DC-Based Smarter Shared Rides Expands Service

(Washington, DC) – Split, a DC-based transportation startup, is announcing a significant expansion of its service area today. Continuing its mission to provide low-cost, sustainable shared rides throughout the city, Split began serving Hill East, all of H St NE, Yards Park and Nats Park last week, with official operations beginning July 7th.

The smarter shared ride service launched in May in the core of downtown Washington and the company has continued refining operations and its proprietary routing algorithm to improve and expand service.

Since its launch, the company has seen 25-50% week-over-week growth in rides.

Split CEO Ario Keshani noted, “Split is all about providing affordable transportation – and access – to Washingtonians. With the numbers of downloads, registrations and rides exceeding our expectations, we knew it was time to expand and make Split available to more communities and more people.”

This expansion is a 25% increase in coverage for the company after only being in operation for 6 weeks. Beyond the inclusion of Hill East and the Navy Yard, Split is planning expansion to the neighborhoods of Petworth, Glover Park, Cleveland Park and to American University over the course of the summer.

Current users have already noticed an expansion in the service area on Split’s iPhone app. Now, residents of Navy Yard and Capitol Hill have another option to get to get where they are trying to go in DC. Download Split at http://split.us/download

About Split
Split delivers smarter shared rides that utilize advanced technology to instantly connect people traveling in the same direction. Dynamic real-time routing allows Split to combine multiple overlapping rides in a single vehicle along an optimized route, saving everyone money. Split provides affordable, efficient, and sustainable transportation that brings communities together and changes the way that people get around town. Split is half the price of other on-demand options, and more convenient and personalized than public transit. For more information about Split, visit split.us. Download the app at: http://split.us/download

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