Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Purple Patch in Mt. Pleasant: good food, good happy hour

The other day, a friend and I tried out Purple Patch, the Filipino and American restaurant where Tonic used to be on Mt. Pleasant Street: and it was tasty.

Unlike Kalye, the pop-up at EatsPlace, the food at Purple Patch was quite accessible: no chicken feet or blood skewers here. That's not a knock on Purple Patch, however -- I'd much rather return multiple times to someting I like than something that is interesting.

The menu is half smaller plates and half bigger entrees, and we decided to share a few small ones. The lumpia, traditional spring rolls with beef and pork, were quite good, and came with a tangy banana ketchup.

The chicken adobo sliders (a Filipino seasoning) were also tasty, we housed them quickly, and my buddy enjoyed the baby red beet and tomato salad. I got the jasmine rice, which was just rice (I probably should have realized that.)

Sadly we ate everything before I had a chance to take a picture.

They also have really tasty cocktails, including a lot of summery drinks with berries and such, and the happy hour deals were quite good: $6 for a featured cocktails, $2 off other cocktails, 1/2 off draf beers and $5 for the house red and white wines, from 5-8pm, plus $5 for three of those adobo chicken sliders.

I'll definitely be back, but I might try some more traditional dishes -- but definitely the lumpia. The whole fried snapper looked interesting, the burger looked pretty outstanding and there was also a pork belly soup, pork sinigang, I'd like to try.

They also just started serving brunch, which sounds like American fare with some interesting Filipino touches: the waffles with ube (purple yam) ice cream sounds pretty amazing -- pictured below from their website. Here's the full brunch menu:

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