Friday, July 10, 2015

Neighbors protest proposed 7-Eleven coming to 14th and Florida

Some neighbors aren't happy about a proposed 7-Eleven coming to the Solea condo building at 2300 14th Street NW, according to Borderstan.

Two days ago a local resident started a petition on, which is up to 176 signers, arguing that there are already plenty of food options nearby: Streets Market, CVS, Yes! Organic, Trader Joe's, Smucker Farms and more. (UPDATE: It's now up to 235 signers.)

There are also many 7-Elevens nearby already, like the one 5 blocks away at 12th and U, 7 blocks north at 14th and Columbia, plus and one coming to 14th and Quincy, and other nearby locations on Mt. Pleasant Street, Georgia & Shepherd and Columbia Road.

I signed the petition myself because I am tired of the same chains all over the place. We need some variety, not a 7th 7-Eleven within walking distance.

Ezra Weinblatt, who started the petition on Wedneday, told Borderstan “We’re hoping to get enough support behind the opposition to compel them and demonstrate that the neighborhood would rather have a more local bodega, clothier or anything else." Petition signers also argue the stores lead to a lot of loitering. I'm not sure I agree with that, but definitely support the petition.

Here's their full argument:
We are a community, we are a neighborhood, we are families and friends. We care about how our neighbors treat each other, how the streetscape is maintained and we care to improve our surroundings.

We are happily satisfied with the neighborhood retail services today such as: Streets, Smucker Farms, Yes Organic, CVS and TraderJoes, yet we are very concerned about 7/11 entering our neighborhood. We believe that 7/11 will diminish and detract from our neighborhood, nor do we see it adding any value to our lives. We feel that, at best, 7/11 will just cannibalize existing businesses, assuming anyone was to patronize the establishment. Therefore, this location is not only unsatisfactory to the neighbors, but it is also a bad investment for 7/11. A bad investment for 7/11 is also a bad bet for the landlord jeopardizing their investment too. No one wins in this scenario. 
If you care about the future of our neighborhood and don't want to see a 7/11, or worse, a failed 7/11 take up a prominent corner, then please object by endorsing this petition.


  1. Your blog should start a petition protesting the 7-Eleven at 14th and Quincy. I ton of people would sign it!

  2. What right do you have to deny the property owner from leasing this space to 7 Eleven? A "bodega, clothier or anything else" has just as much of an opportunity to lease the space but 7 Eleven is actually willing to pay. I can't help but see this as an action more deeply motivated by race and class.

  3. I don't think they have a right to prevent that use, but they have a right to disagree with it. I don't know their motivations, but mine are that there are already six 7-Elevens within walking distance, and I want some variety in the neighborhood, not just the same old chain crap you see everywhere else.


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