Friday, July 24, 2015

Colony Club opens their back patio July 31st: drink specials, food truck, DJs, more

Colony Club, the cool coffee shop and bar at 3118 Georgia Avenue NW, is celebrating the opening of their rear patio next Friday. They'll have the Timber Pizza food truck, drink specialist, a DJ and a balloon artist -- a little something for everybody. (The before version of the patio is below, plus some interior shots.)

If you haven't been, Colony Club is a cool spot: it's a coffee shop until 5, and then a bar afterwards (except on Sundays, when they close at 5.) It's a really nice space with good coffee and good drinks (and $3 Pork Slap, which is an awesome deal!) I wrote more about it a few months ago.


  1. Awesome! Do you know if the patio will have some shade? are dogs allowed?

  2. I'd love to see them open a similar concept on upper 14th near Red Derby & Lyman's. Rent is about the same and similar (if not more) density. They'd do a killing. If you talk to the owner, please tell him or her that there are a bunch of us up here hoping they come our way. People have been clamoring for a coffee shop in this area. Huge demand.

  3. Anonymous 8:12, They JUST opened give them a break. I know you are anxious to get business up that way. Perhaps you should look into opening something if there is such a high pent up demand before others get in the game?

  4. Martin, yes, Max emailed me and said it's dog friendly and has some shade!


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