Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Airedale, new "Europub and beer garden" coming to Mad Momo's space

It looks like a new spot is coming to the Mad Momo's space at 3605 14th Street NW. The Himalayan/American restaurant closed a few months ago and we haven't heard much since the owners said they were looking for something else to take the space. Since then there hasn't been much action there, until the other day I noticed that there was paper on the windows.

Upon closer inspection, there was a small business card taped to the door, reading "The Airedale, Europub · beer garden," with a silhouette of the Airedale terrier.

And unfortunately that's all I can find out about it. I reached out to the Mad Momo's folks and the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, and will update when I find out more.

But just based on that little info, it sounds like it might be interesting. They had a really nice space there and a nice back deck that could be good for a beer garden, plus a front patio and front balcony.

It's nice to see something come to the space, though I do miss Mad Momo's, they had good food and nice staff (plus some great happy hour deals.)

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  1. Nice scoop! A pub will be much more accessible for people than a Himalayan dumpling place! Good food will be key to its success. I'd love sidewalk seating.


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