Thursday, June 4, 2015

Filipino street food pop-up Kalye at EatsPlace, including chicken feet, grilled blood, Filipino beer, more

If you like trying new kinds of food, check out Kalye, a Filipino street food pop-up at EatsPlace, the restaurant incubator and "pop-uppery" at 3607 Georgia Ave NW.

The food sounds really interesting and unusual -- dishes include chicken feet, balut (fertilized duck egg,) grilled cubes of pork blood, barbequed pork ears an a lot more. Of course, these are common dishes in the Philippines and I bet they will be pretty delicious -- the Post calls the dishes "challenging." They'll also have Filipino beers and some theme cocktails.

Here's more from them about the popup and dishes (some of which they have given funny names, like Adidas for chicken feet and Walkman for the pork ears.)
I'm excited to let you know that our food incubator and pop-uppery EatsPlace is hosting Kalye (Filipino food) on Friday June 12 and Saturday June 13, from 6-11pm, The pop-up was originally scheduled for only June 12th, which coincides with Philippines Independence Day, but due to overwhelming demand, it has been extended.  Reservations are encouraged, but walk ins are welcome.

Kalye literally means street. And the masterminds of Kalye, Chefs Red Garcia and Santiago Cardenas, want to bring street food from the Philippines to Washington, DC. Red and Santi want to introduce Filipino cuisine to the DC Metro area with adidas (sous vide chicken feet), betamax (grilled pork blood), balut (fertilized duck egg), walkman (barbequed pork ears), crispy patata, and grilled pork sisig. I will be the guest chef on Saturday and am honored to work closely with Chefs Red and Santi.

I have created The Drinkubator cocktails just for this pop-up, like the Guapo Apo (vodka, cane syrup and muddled citrus topped with a shaved ice summit and tropical fruit puree is a tribute to the tallest mountain in the Philippines) and the Manila Punch (our take on the navy grog with rum and coconut water). Filipino beers Red Horse and San Miguel Light will also be available.
The menu is below, click it for a bigger version which has more details and talks about a lot of the other dishes such as pork belly, ears and spare parts with fried tofu and vinegar-infused peppers.

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