Friday, May 8, 2015

These giant numbers on a condo at 14th and Spring are really ugly

Longtime readers of this blog may know that I talk about fonts sometimes: in particular, when the city put up some ugly new street signs with a variety of typefaces and sizes on them (they looked horrible.)

And something just caught my eye: this condo building at 14th and Spring Rd NW has some giant address numbers on it, probably five feet tall, and they look really bad.

I guess it's good to try something new with your building, but these look like the address numbers you buy for a buck at the hardware store -- the cheapest ones they have. If you're going to put huge numbers on an otherwise fine looking building, which are presumably pretty expensive, why not get attractive or modern-looking ones?

There are certainly bigger things to complain about, but then again, what's life without little annoyances?


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  2. Well at least you can't get lost finding your way home! But I indeed agree with your assessment. (Reposted my comment; I need to do a better job at proofreading!)

  3. I agree, they're horrendous. They're not painted but raised numbers, so they must've been a custom order. They remind me of what you'd see on a chintzy motel in some second rate beachtown.

  4. The bigger travesty is the 7-Eleven going into the ground floor of the condos at 14th & Quincy. Who would want to live about that? It's also bad for the neighborhood.

  5. Maybe ugly, but I'd take that over my building that doesn't see fit to put an address on the outside and has a big sign with the building name next to the loading dock entrance.

    Calling for a cab can be an experience.

  6. As a former fire fighter and medical first responder, I think these numbers are great. When you're driving by they're easy to see, and that can be the crucial difference between getting to someone in time or not. I also think they look perfectly fine and fit the aesthetic of the building.

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  8. Anon, you should immediately call police then.


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