Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Urban Land Institute wants to hear what Millenials think about DC

While the term "Millenial" isn't getting the best press lately, the idea of asking young people what they think about Washington, DC is a good one. The Urban Land Institute, a research group that studies cities and urban planning, is holding an online survey about how millenials, who they define as people betweent he ages of 20 and 37, think about the Washington, DC area -- and as there are a lot of those folks in Columbia Heights, it's worth checking out.

The idea is to see what young people prefer, what they don't like, and so on. (I wonder if millenials like being called millenials, what with all the baggage that term comes with?)

Sounds like a good opportunity to have your voice heard if you are between those ages (though to me that range a little broad for millenials.)
Millenial’s Future Choices – ULI Washington is Trying to Understand Preferences

Please click Here to take an important survey about Millenials in the city in the future.

ULI Washington’s District Council is conducting an opinion survey about living in the Washington, DC area and its older suburbs, trying to understand the factors that will shape whether young adults stay in an urban neighborhood 3+ years from now or move elsewhere. ULI is looking for Millennials ages 20-37 who live in the District of Columbia or in the suburbs inside the Beltway. Respondents can be single or married, with or without children, homeowners or renters, as long as they meet the age and location criteria for participation.

The survey is totally confidential. Responses will be collected and tabulated by Qualtrics, a respected survey research firm. You will not be identified in any way. This is a "survey of the willing," and the more opinions we gather from owners and renters in your age group, the better. Please share your views; this will take only 15 minutes of your time. Please pass the survey on to your friends or colleagues!


  1. If anyone knows who to contact at Qualtrics or ULI about the survey - the HH bikes question is missing an option; none of the options applied to my HH (and there was no "Other" or "NA" option.)

    Otherwise, pretty decent survey; I got confused about the scale (my fault for not reading directions) and accidentally ranked my neighborhood really bad when I meant to rank it really good. Oops. Hope they get enough data to counteract me!

  2. For what it's worth I think most of us are tired of being called Millennials.


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