Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Radio Shack closing June 30, big 60% off sale now

Today I stopped by the Radio Shack in DCUSA to see what they had, and learned they were closing June 30th -- before we heard they were closing as part of a company-wide bankruptcy, just not when. The store had partially been cleaned out already of most of the bigger items, so I wonder what's going to be left come the end of June.

That said, there's a 60% off sale for what's left, which depending on what you are looking for, is an awesome deal. For example, I picked up 24 batteries for about $10 when they normally would have been more than $20, and they have similar deals for all their usual items: cell phone cases, headphones, cords and wires for stereos, computers, and phones, and a lot more. If you're looking for electronics, accessories or whatnot, get there soon, there may not be much left.

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