Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pop-up residential going in at 14th and Meridian

Looks like another residential project is coming to 14th north of DCUSA: I've written about three coming near 14th and Spring Road, and now a smaller one is coming to 3441 14th Street NW, just south of Meridian Place NW.

Formerly the DC Kool convenience store and a barber shop, the developers have taken off the brick false front (probably a good thing) and have added two stories to the top of the building. As pop-ups go, that's not enormous, but it remains to be seen how it will look when it's finished.

The permit issued this year says it will be a four-story building plus cellar with a total of five residential units. The building was sold a year ago for $1.3 million.

What do you think? To me, doesn't seem to be an egregious pop-up (yet) and some residential on this area could be a good thing.

Here's the before picture from Google Maps.


Eric said...

I am a bit concerned that construction on the project seems to have halted in the past week or so, which seems to be a trend with these projects along this section of 14th Street. There are a number of unfinished projects stretching from Monroe to Spring St. North Columbia Heights has great potential, but needs developers with the potential to finish what they start.

Anonymous said...

Also 2 that have stalled on Meridian Place...maybe people are finally realizing how overpriced these properties are. Terrible how people are being taken with these prices.

Anonymous said...

i hate this popup - the roofs of these buildings have beautify windows. it is possible to popup the building and preserve the windows. developers are out to make a quick buck and dont care about the neighborhood. it's sad to see our architecture heritage destructed when there are ways to have growth and preserve it.