Friday, May 29, 2015

EatsPlace, restaurant pop-uppery on Georgia, now operating a bar: Drinkubator (with bar food)

EatsPlace, the venue for restaurant pop-ups at 3607 Georgia Ave NW, has been the home of numerous restaurant pop-ups: guest chefs and residencies for a few days or a few weeks at a time.

It's been pretty popular, and they recently opened a new venue: Drinkubator, a bar program with bar food cooked in the EatsPlace kitchen. They have classic cocktails, red and white wine, and a variety of craft beers: draft, bottles and cans. There's also a shot and beer deal for $8. See below for the menu.

They also have pretty interesting food: "both savory and sweet shave ice, tasty vermicelli noodle soup, sesame chili squid, toasted baguette, wok roasted peanuts and artisanal choco-pie: marshmallow sandwiched between sponge cake."

Sounds like a neat spot. They're open 5pm-midnight from Mon-Thurs and 5pm-2am Friday and Saturday, with a TBA Sunday brunch.

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  1. Had some drinks there Friday. The place is really nice and the drinks are very well priced. The bar food was alright but really overpriced.


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