Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Awesome Dominican band outside DCUSA this weekend

This Sunday I was running some errands at DCUSA and spotted a great little band sitting outside the main entrance. Consisting of an accordion player, drummer and guy with a metal thing kind of like a washboard, they had some Dominican flags and played for a long time. I watched for probably 10-15 minutes, went to DSW, and they were still playing when I came back out maybe an hour later.

They were great, with really impressive play from all three musicians, who were all blazing fast. At times they had a pretty sizable crowd -- shoppers, passersby, construction workers and such, plus some folks danced. I did wish more folks watching would have tossed them a dollar or two though, they were working pretty hard.

It was a cool thing to see -- I love seeing street musicians, especially awesome ones like these guys. I hope they come back. Anybody else see them?

I also took an admittedly not very good video -- the accordion doesn't come through very well, but he was pretty amazing.

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Anonymous said...

They're not great if you live so close that you can't escape them for hour after hour.
I love and support street performers, but they don't belong in mixed residential areas.