Monday, April 27, 2015

The Funk Parade is this Saturday on U Street

If you like having a good time, get yourself to U Street this Saturday for the second Funk Parade, a celebration of music (mostly funky) and the street itself.

Founded last year via Kickstarter, the event was a blast, with lots of crafts vendors, food, music and performers, plus the actual parade, which then was down V Street. They since have received a permit to take the parade itself to U and T Street from Florida Avenue to 13th Street.

The event this year has three parts: the "day fair" on and around U Street, the parade itself, and then a music festival at venues around the area.

The day fair runs from noon to 5 and includes all kinds of happenings on and around U Street: last year I bought a t-shirt, barbeque, saw graffiti artists, bands and performers and had tons of great people watching. There's also a ton of bands performing.

The parade itself runs from 5 to 7 with local high school marching bands, Batala Washington (an awesome women's drumming group) and if it's like last year, a generally fun and awesome vibe.

Then the music festival kicks off at 7 at an outdoor venue to be announced, plus lots of bars, restaurants and clubs around U Street and an after party at the Lincoln Theater with Trouble Funk and more.

The full lineup with bands is here, with more to be added.

Images from the Funk Parade's FB

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