Friday, April 10, 2015

Target food section is closed, employees taking food out of carts

This is odd. A reader wrote in at 1:45 pm today to report "Target stopped all food sales, packaged, kiosk, grocery, everything... at noon today. No explanation. Cashiers taking all food items out of carts." Other folks on Twitter posted the same thing.

PoPville reported something similar yesterday, but said it was back open. That doesn't seem to be the case. I would assume it's some kind of health department issue, will try to contact the store and find out.

If you were planning to shop for food today, you might want to try Giant, Streets Market at 14th and Clifton, or Harris Teeter.

UPDATE: I called the store, they said they weren't selling any food today and weren't sure about tomorrow, that I should call back. When I asked why, the woman said she didn't know, "they" just told her to say they weren't selling food. Odd.

UPDATE 2: WUSA's Russ Ptacek reports it was closed by the DC Department of Health due to the presence of rodents and insects and other pests. Gross.

UPDATE 3: The Post reports that the DC Department of Health found " a number of violations throughout the store, including rodent droppings in the back storage area." Not cool.


  1. Russ Ptacek from Channel 9 tweeted yesterday it was health code - "insects, rodents, and other pests".

  2. An employee said it was a Health Department issue, but they didn't know why exactly.


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