Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jim Graham wasn't messing around about the male stripper nights at The House

Jim Graham 1

A couple days ago, I was heartily amused by former Ward 1 councilmember's new gig: he's organizing and promoting male stripper nights at The House, the exotic dancer establishment at Georgia Avenue and Otis Place. He promised hot guys, both on "Rock Hard Sundays" aimed at gay men and a Thursday night event aimed at women. And the best part, the strippers would be wearing bow ties from Graham's personal collection.

It sounded like after his defeat in the last election to Brianne Nadeau, Graham decided to something fun -- like when somebody retires and takes a trip around the country or goes skydiving. But he isn't goofing around. To wit, his latest tweet is advertising gay porn star Eric Clark, who promises quite the show on Sunday. (I would not recommend you click the links at work, unless you work somewhere cool.)
It kind of looks like a tweet where you'd immediately say you've been hacked, but no -- that's the new gig. The first night was a fundraiser for the Whitman-Walker Clinic, and according to Twitter folks, it went well. (Also, how did I miss that The House has a Twitter too -- one which you should also definitely not click at work.)

More power to him, although some have noted the irony of Graham, who worked to shut down some bars and clubs in the ward -- he even had a word coined about it, Grahamstanding -- is now promoting a club.

But I'm glad he's keeping things interesting.

Photo by Adam Fagen

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