Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Order alcohol, get free boozy cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day from Klink

A few weeks ago I wrote about Klink, the new alcohol delivery service that will bring booze to your door, and which serves our area. (They also sell beer, wine, champagne, mixers and bags of ice.)

Now, for St. Patrick's Day, they're holding a special deal: if you order today or the 18th, you'll get a free car bomb Crunkcake, a boozy cupcake with Guiness chocolate cake infused with Bailey's and Jameson -- and if you use my blog's code when you order, NCHBlog, you'll get free delivery on your order too.

They've also just started delivering Crunkcakes in our area, so you can order those too -- the first one is the Bite the Bulleit flavor.

Might be a good option if you're having a St. Paddy's Day party, or just need something. (I also think this could come in handy for when a party is running low.

You can order online or on their iOS or Android app.

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