Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More Osprey and helicopter sightings over the neighborhood: maybe it's for the Afghan president at Camp David?

Yesterday and the day before, we heard a lot of very loud, very low aircraft noise in Columbia Heights, which turned out to be at least one V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, presumably from the military. It was so loud that it shook my windows.

And today I have a theory as to why. Twitter user @suburbanfoodnrd reported seeing the Osprey yesterday headed north along Interstate 270 in Maryland accompanied by four of what look like the helicopter that serves as Marine One, the President's helicopter.

Also, the President of Afghanistan is in town and is meeting with the Secretary of State and others at Camp David in Maryland, which is in that direction.

So maybe the Osprey and other helicopters are ferrying back and forth US and Afghan officials? That's my guess.


  1. Two Chinooks followed by an Osprey flew over Rockville, MD this morning, 5/14. Possibly on it's way to Camp David or Raven Rock base in PA? 10 minutes later two single propeller helix flew the opposite direction.

  2. Saw the Osprey and two chinooks fly over Montgomery Village around 5:30 this evening, 5/15.

  3. And the President is also at Camp David. I think that must be it.


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