Friday, March 6, 2015

Here's a music video about selling drugs out of Starbucks in Columbia Heights (and elsewhere): "Trap Out the Starbucks"

Here's something new: local rappers Pacman, Abu Rahss and Nine Five sing about selling drugs from Starbucks, in the appropriately named "Trap Out the Starbucks," with trap meaning drug house (and hence dealing drugs.) The video was filmed during one of our many recent snow days two weeks ago, and features the guys hanging out in various Starbucks and other local spots purportedly selling their wares.

The video includes the Starbucks near DCUSA (and the song even mentions it, saying they're across from Target,) plus other local spots like the Bestworld supermarket and Black Lives Matter posters in Mt. Pleasant and mentions of Girard, Monroe and Newton Streets.

The Post has an article about it, where Pacman does say it started as a joke, though it seems like they are taking it pretty seriously. I laughed out loud when Abu Rahss said come out the Metro, get these narcotics. Abu Rahss is Pacman's manager, real name Ramsey Aburdene.

Pacman got some notoriety a while ago when he went to North Korea with fellow rapper Pe$o to film a video, funded by Kickstarter. That's below.

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  1. I don't know how I missed this, but I just saw it. SO AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!


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