Thursday, March 12, 2015

Columbia Heights now has its own Snapchat image

If you use Snapchat, the picture messaging app, you may be familiar with the images that go with certain areas -- places in LA, New York and famous places around the world have their own image you can overlay on the picture -- Snapchat calls them "geofilters."

And the other day, I discovered parts of Columbia Heights have their own! I was down at Meridian Hill Park walking around and enjoying the nice day, and snapped a photo of the statue of Pres. James Buchanana (more on that later.) Then swiping through the overlays, which include temperature, time and speed (that one is fun for train rides) I noticed a Columbia Heights one, showing some row houses, the Tivoli Theater, and the Metro pylon.

That said, it doesn't seem to work up around the Red Derby.

Pretty cool. We've made it -- at least amonsgt people who use Snapchat. Personally I think it's fun for sending quick pictures of funny stuff or places I visit, things that would be too boring or uninteresting for a text. I know people use it for other, not safe for work uses, too.

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