Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bowser apologizes for poor trash pickup during recent storms

The recent crummy winter weather has affected more than morning commutes: it's also affected trash pickup.

If you're like some local residents, your trash piled up in your alley for much longer than usual recently. The Post quotes a Columbia Heights resident saying their trash wasn't pickup up for more than two weeks, and my own seemed to sit back there for much longer than usual.

The mayor, as well as other city officials, put out an apology to residents, saying that the snow and ice made it hard for trash trucks to be able to retrieve the trash without getting stuck -- in fact, on one day when they were asked to try harder, five trucks needed a tow.

Bowser promised a "blitz" while other officials said all hands will be on deck.

How about you, did your trash get picked up?

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  1. My trash stayed out there for a week and a half; recycling was closer to two or three weeks. It sucks because we have six people living in our rowhouse turned apartment, and only two trash cans and one recycle bin...


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