Thursday, February 5, 2015

Brightest Young Things has a "what to do tonight in Columbia Heights" flowchart -- what do you think?

Something I forgot to post a few months ago, but was reminded about today when they tweeted about it, is nightlife website Brightest Young Things "What to do tonight in Columbia Heights" flowchart.

To me, it's a pretty clever idea. Basically you pick what you're feeling tonight and it directs you to a good option -- want some live music? Go to the Pinch. How about dancing? Zeba Bar. And so on. Though being published originally in October, it still has Mad Momo's, which has sadly closed.

It's also missing Bravo, which has a great happy hour (more of those here) and most of the Georgia Avenue spots, and I'd note that the draw of El Chucho isn't the tequila but the awesome food. That said, their $5 house margarita is great too.

What do you think? Missing any other good spots? A neat presentation, in any case. The full chart is below, click it for a bigger one (or on their site.)


Anonymous said...

BYT is still a thing?

Adam Gould said...

Cute, except Mad Momos closed some time ago :(

Jacqui said...

NCH points out that Mad Momos closed down in the post. What's missing is Lyman's Tavern.

Anonymous said...

What (earlier) Anonymous said.