Monday, January 12, 2015

Sports bar The Pitch opens at Georgia & Taylor: soccer, rugby, cricket too

A few months ago, I wrote about The Pitch, a new sports bar at 4015 Georgia Avenue NW: and now they're open! The first day was Monday and I stopped in yesterday to check it out. They have a nicely appointed space, which consists of the second and third floor on the building, plus a little patio on the third floor.

They have about a dozen TVs between the two floors, a big bar on the main floor and a smaller one on the top and tables on both floors. They're open every day, starting at 4 pm on weekdays and earlier on weekends (I stopped by at about 1 pm.)

The place has a bit of a British Commonwealth flavor too: I spoke to the owner, Jay Narain, and he said they plan to be open earlier for some matches, including things like soccer, rugby, and cricket. The name too, suggests that, "pitch" being the British name for a sports field. Their original liquor license application and website also mentioned occasional live music, like jazz and Jamaican music. Jay has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years and the other staff I spoke to, who were all very friendly, said they lived in the neighborhood too.

As for food, there's some Caribbean accents, some Southern food and some American items. You can see the rest of the space and the menu below (click them for bigger versions.) Here's their website.

It looks like a really cool spot, and I plan to stop by as soon as I can.


  1. Wow, nice patio as well. Will be nice for the summer months...

  2. Their french fries has cinnamon on them. Is that carribean? If so, I'll pass. Otherwise, food was good. They need more TV's at the upstairs bar and could use more draft beers. Otherwise, it was pretty good.
    Asume they will be able to carry all the MLB, NBA and NFL games? Didn't sound like they could at least at this point.


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