Thursday, January 8, 2015

New bar, Union Drinkery, and 2 fast casual restaurants coming to Georgia and Kenyon

There's another drinking and two food options coming to the Park View area: Union Drinkery is coming to 3216 Georgia Ave NW, along with two adjacent spots for "fast casual" eateries (think Chipotle, Panera, &pizza etc. -- not necessarily chains, but of that type.)

The Park View DC blog reports that Union Drinkery will have 86 seats plus a 63 seat rear outdoor space. The other two spaces for the fast casual joints are 3212 and 3214 Georgia -- Union Drinkery will take the downstairs of 3216 and the upstairs of 3214 and 3216. They'll have "light snacks" according to their liquor license permit. These three buildings are next to Petworth Liquors, the building with the yellow awning at above left.

The developers for these three are Zuckerman Partners.

That's all the details Park View DC has, but it's nice to see some more things coming to these storefronts on Georgia. Maybe a place to go before or after the nearby (and great) Bravo Bar.

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  1. Thanks for the news, that is a welcomed addition to the GA corridor. Let's hope the "fast casual" places are of decent quality.


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