Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lots of people plan to run for Ward 4 council seat

Looks like the Ward 4 council spot is popular: 17 people have picked up nominating petitions for the position, vacated by incoming mayor Muriel Bowser. Candidates only need 500 signatures of people in their ward to make the ballot before January 28, so it may be a very crowded field.

Here's the full list. To be honest, I'm not familiar with most of those names, aside from Pedro Rubio, who finished fourth in the At-Large council race this past election. Renee L. Bowser isn't related to Muriel Bowser. Brandon Todd apparently was a Bowser (Muriel) staffer (which if you saw my previous posts on the mayoral race, isn't necessarily a good thing.)

Acqunetta Anderson
Leon T. Andrews, Jr.
Ron Austin
Gwenellen Corley-Bowman
Renée L. Bowser
Chrysanthe A. Courniotes
Judi Jones
Lydia I. Little
Bruce Morrison
Edwin W. Powell
Pedro Rubio, Jr.
Glova Scott
Douglass Sloan
Vannie Taylor, III
Bobvala Tengen
Brandon Todd
Robert J. Whitaker, Sr.

The election will be April 28.


  1. Whoever has a solid plan to address crime in the Ward has my vote!

  2. BK petworth citizenJanuary 6, 2015 at 11:55 AM

    we really need to have someone organize a council candidate forum, especially since most of us don't know anything about any of these people!

  3. There will be council candidate forum on March 18th at St. Johns High School on military rd. We can learn more about the candidates on that day. Someone I think that will be great for that position is Leon Andrews Jr. His website is andrews4dc.com. Either way I will be attending and look forward to hearing from all the candidates.

  4. I attended the forum at St. Johns College High School and Edwin Powell was the most qualified candidate and is very educated and smart. Everyone else were flat and could not answer the questions that were being asked. He's my pick, but someone let me know who they think might be a better pick. There are too many of them!


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