Friday, January 23, 2015

Hank's Oyster Bar folks opening cocktail bar, Twisted Horn, on Upshur

Upshur Street is really blowing up lately! Recently we heard about a diner from the Room 11 folks, to go with their Upshur Street Books, Petworth Citizen and Crane & Turtle, plus Domku and some cool vintage stores, and now the folks behind Hank's Oyster Bar are getting into the fun.

The City Paper reports they're planning to open Twisted Horn at 819 Upshur Street NW, next door to Domku in the Spring. There will be 40 seats inside and 40 outside around a fire pit, and some cocktails will include
the "Ghostwood Development" with gin, port wine, Sapins aperitif, Salmiakki Dala (Scandinavian fernet), egg, fresh nutmeg, and pepper as well as the "Louisiana Purchase" with cognac, dry and red vermouth, Bénédictine liqueur, and muddled cucumber. In addition to cocktails, there will be an extensive wine list.
Food-wise, there will be snack-type items such as pimento cheese finger sandwiches, deviled eggs, meatballs, and an interesting one: escargot in puff pastrty on a stick. They'll also get lots of ingredients from local places like Straw Stick & Brick (which used to be called Three Little Pigs, a butcher,) Qualia Coffee and such.

The manager will be Megan Coyle from Hank's in Dupont.

Sounds awesome, and great to see Upshur getting lots of neat places. I hope it's not too pricey.

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  1. I was really hoping for oysters at least! Too little food options.


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