Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Columbia Heights is good at funny signs; realtor puts up Grumpy Cat sign

I'm a sucker for funny signs. The other day I spotted this sign outside Greenline Real Estate on Georgia, with a drawing of Grumpy Cat (that cat famous on the internet for looking unhappy.)

This continues a tradition, our neighborhood seems to have some funny (or weird) people -- I've seen a lot of other good ones in the past.

Here's a few of my favorites: the electric tomato man van, the store selling womens' jeans called Chickass (now just Chickas, sadly, but still sells butt-enhancing pants,) Happy Milk Was Here, mean cat found, a lost shark at 11th and Park, the bank sign for "looking at my butt" (they also offer "great rats") and the recent handsome man rewarded handsomely sign for a lost wallet.

Nicely done, everybody.

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