Friday, December 12, 2014

TGI Friday's is (most likely) not coming to 14th and Monroe

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that Ruby Tuesday at 14th and Monroe has closed, and that there was a rumor that TGI Friday's was no longer going to open on the opposite corner. 

There's a sign that it's for rent and ANC chair Kent Boese said "it's safe to say it's on hold," so I reached out to the company to confirm. After eventually they got back to me, first not answering the question, then when pressed saying "I apologize, but at this time, we do not have information regarding whether or not a location will be open in Columbia Heights."

To me, that's a no. Why would they say they have no information if the restaurant is opening? My first email to them included a link to an earlier post about the location and they responded only with "That is an old article dated from November 20, 2013. There are currently 2 TGI Fridays in the DC area. There is one at the airport and one on Pennsylvania Ave." 

Yeah, no kidding, TGI Fridays, I am able to use Google.

So, it's not happening. And that's ok with me. I hope something good goes into the Ruby Tuesday and TGI Fridays spaces. What would you like to see there?


  1. I would genuinely love it if a Jo-Ann Fabrics went into one of the spaces. Or anywhere in DC for that matter.

  2. Any non-chain and something more upscale. Preferably a restaurant. Not holding my breath though.

  3. I would love a Nando's Peri-Peri.

  4. It would be great if a TechShop went in there. I know I would be a regular.

  5. There's no good sushi spot in Columbia Heights. I'd like that.

    If it must be a chain I'd vote for Outback. At least they have decent food.

    Ruby Tuesday and TGI Friday's are both bottom tier chains.

  6. A good Italian restaurant would be a nice addition. Not necessarily a 'white tablecloth' restaurant, but one where you could have a nice lunch or dinner (with wine, of course!).

  7. All, there are Italian restaurants: Maple on 11th Street is very good, and at some point in the future, the El Chucho folks are opening an Italian restaurant near 14th and Quincy:

  8. My understanding was there were some disagreements with the building management leading to TGIF falling through. Hopefully that won't be a barrier to something going in there. My vote would be for Indian, which is missing from the area.

  9. What we need there is another pupuseria. A massive one!


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