Thursday, December 11, 2014

New diner coming to Georgia & Upshur from Paul Ruppert (Room 11, Petworth Citizen etc)

Wow, the folks behind Room 11, Petworth Citizen, Uphsur Street Books and Crane & Turtle are really doing a lot on Upshur: the City Paper and PoP reported a bit ago that they're opening a diner to be called Slim's Diner at Georgia and Upshur, in the neat old Murrel Building.

The building has been empty for some time, and I'm glad it's getting used, it's a neat throwback.

The City Paper reports they are still working on the details, so I don't have any dates or more info, but the address will be 4201 Georgia Ave NW.

It really seems like Paul Ruppert and crew are going all-in on Upshur Street, adding three new restaurants and a shop in the last few years, to go along with existing spots like Domku, clothing store Willow, Bentley's Antiques, and the others. It's almost like Ruppert and crew are to Upshur Street as Joe Englert is to H Street. And that's pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Photo from Google Streetview


  1. for a minute I thought this post would contain news.

  2. ^ I bet you are really fun at parties

  3. Petworth Citizen and Crane & Turtle are doing a killing from what I've heard. Petworth is such a gold mine. Wish I had money to open my own place!


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