Monday, December 1, 2014

New custom menswear shop at 14th and Florida, Knotstandard now open

It looks like some of the empty retail spots in the residential buildings around 14th and Florida are filling in: Knotstandard, a custom menswear shop, is now open in the Solea condo building on the northwest corner.

Despite looking and sounding pretty fancy, it doesn't seem to be crazy expensive: the website lists shirts for $59, suits for $346 and such -- not cheap, but not as expensive as I'd expect a custom clothing store. The store has 6 locations including DC, which it calls "showrooms," including one in Dubai.

Nice to see more small retail coming in. It seems like there's a little men's clothing cluster around that corner, with Federal, Palace 5ive and now Knotstandard all right there. I'll have to stop in next time I'm looking for a shirt for work. (Forgive my cameraphone pics from a moving vehicle.)

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