Thursday, December 11, 2014

Little Free Library now installed at 11th and Irving, take or drop off a book!

You may recall a few months ago that two different groups were looking to set up Little Free Libraries in our area -- small boxes where people can take or drop off books for free. One was to be positioned near Tubman Elementary School, the other in Petworth near Grant Circle. Both had Kickstarter pages to buy the materials, and both were fully funded by donors.

And now I hear that the Tubman one is installed -- organizer Kate Robinson tweeted the above pic of the box located at the southeast corner of 11th and Irving Streets NW. The idea is for it to have both childrens books for the Tubman kids, and others for everybody. So if you're in the area, stop by and check out a book or donate your own!


  1. There is also one near the corner of Spring Rd. on Holmead Place. Been there about a year and is very active. Thanks for highlighting this nice exchange service in the neighborhood.

  2. Cool, will check it out. Thanks!


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