Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hilarious: Lou's City Bar to host "Redskins wake" on Saturday (as in, they are dead)

This is great. Lou's City Bar, the sports bar at 14th and Irving, is hosting a wake for the Redskins this Saturday during their game with the Eagles. As in, the ceremony held in the home of someone who died. The team, as you probably know, has had yet another painfully dismal season. 

Here's what the folks at Lou's had to say:
Washington Wake 
Saturday football is back in the NFL. The Skins will cast a somber tone over the proceedings as they lay in state at FedEx Field vs. the Eagles at 4:30pm. Funeral services will be held at Lou's City Bar. Black attire is suggested, and “Im-peach Snyder” shots will be given out for each nail the Eagles put in the coffin. Following a loss, Lou's will black out next week's purgatorial Deadskins-Cowboys finale.
In addition, Lou's also sent out an email with this subject: "What do New Year's Eve and the Redskins have in common?" The answer, of course, is dropping the ball.

Well done, Lou's folks. This is the funniest thing I can think of a bar doing in a long time.

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