Thursday, December 18, 2014

Do not drink water advisory in Shaw, DC Water suggests Natty Boh instead

It seems like a good day for awesome news (unless you are a Shaw resident.) Last night, DC Water alerted residents in part of Shaw and Logan Circle, from about 7th to 13th Streets north of Rhode Island, that they were under a "do not drink" advisory, due to a petroleum-like smell. They also recommended not to wash dishes or bathe with the water. Concerned people started tweeting at them about it with questions and concerns, and this is where it got funny.

One question came from a Twitter user named @hattyboh, presumably after the Baltimore beer, who asked what they should do if they don't smell anything but they're in the affected area.
Nice. People actually did drink beer rather than water in the past because they believed water wasn't healthy. Despite being well outside this area, I figured I had better follow that rule and have a beer myself. Nice to see DC Water being helpful and funny at the same time.

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